Hafiz Furkhan Hakeem Omri, Imam of the Islamic Foundation of South Florida for the last 4 years Alhamdulillah, is also the religious instructor for the Salah Tawfik Elementary and Middle Schools (STEMS) at IFSF. Imam Furkhan, an active member and Advisor for IFSF, also instructs at its Weekend School and mentors to the IFSF Youth Group (brothers and sisters).

He has been humbly honored as a Judge for the prestigious Qur’anic Competitions at the Salah Tawfik and Noor ul Islam Schools, in the South Florida Muslim Community. Likewise, Hafiz Hakeem has served major Mosques in India like Masjid-e-Aaliya Hyderabad etc. He is also a Director, and one of the co-founders of the A.M. Educational Society for Women, Hyderabad India.


  • M.B.A Masters in Business Administration, USA
  • MA Masters in Islamic Studies, Osmania University, Hyderabad
  • B. A. Bachelors in Arabic, Madras University, Chennai
  • Diploma in Arabic, CEIFL, Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad
  • Fazil (Fazilath), 2 Years, Jamia Darus Salam, Oomerabad, Tamil Nadu
  • Alim Course (Alimiath), 6 Years, Jamia Darus Salam, Oomerabad, Tamil Nadu
  • Hafiz-e-Quran, Jamia Darul Huda, Hyderabad

Under Esteem Guidance ( Teachers Shuyukh):

  • Tafseer ul Quran Jalalayn and Baydawi by Shaikh Sayed Abdul kadeer Omri
  • Hadeeth by Shaikh Zaheeruddin Asari, Shaikh Kaleel ur Rahman Omri, Dr Abdul Jolan Omri Madani, Shaikh Hafeez ur Rahman Omri Madani, Shaikh Anees ur Rahman Omri Madani and Shaikh Abdulla Omri Madani
  • Sirat un Nabi PBUH ( Prophetic Guidance) Shaikh Anees ur Rahman Omri Madani
  • Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) by Dr Abdul Jolan Omri Madani and Shaikh Ather Hussain Omri Madani
  • Aqeedah (Islamic Theology) by Late Shaikh Ather Hussain Omri Madani and Dr Sayeed Omri
  • Arabic Adab (Arabic Literature and etiquette) by Shaikh Zafar ul Hassan Omri, Dr Sayeed Omri and Shaikh Kaleem Omri Madani

Diploma (Ijazah):

  • Ijazah in Sahi Bukari by Shaikh Dr Abdullah Jola Omri, Madani
  • Ijazah in Abu Dawood by Shaikh Zaheeruddin Asari
  • Ijazah in Tirmizi by Shaikh Hafeez ur Rahman Omri, Madani